Our production capabilities are as follows:

Laser cutting

Our fiber laser – Trumpf 4kW can cut materials such as: stainless steel, black steel, aluminum, copper, brass, zink. We can cut up to 3000 x 1500 mm.

The maximum thicknesses we can process are:

Stainless steel – up to 20.0 mm

Black steel – up to 25.0 mm

Aluminum – up to 20.0 mm

Copper – up to 8.0 mm

Brass – up to 8.0 mm

Guillotine cutting

Up to 4.0 mm and up to 3000 mm in length


We use highly precision bending machine. Our main machine is Amada HG series, with laser and mechanical control of the angle on each bend.

We have high variety of bending tools for all kind of different bending types.

Maximum length is up to 3000 mm and up to 10.0 – 12.0 mm material thickness

Rolling maches

We can produce cones and tubes with custom dimensions and thicknesses.

Mounting fasteners




Pasivating / pickling


TIG welding and MIG MAG welding possibilities for all type of materials.

We also use various specialized tooling in order to guarantee high quality of the final welded parts.

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