The activities related to the company's processes are as follows:

Laser cutting

Laser cutting of laser machines "TRUMPH", possible cutting black, stainless steel, aluminum, honey , brass sheets respectively with a maximum cutting thickness of 25 mm - black, 20mm - stainless steel, 20mm - aluminum, honey - 8.0mm, brass - 8.0 mm. Protective environment nitrogen ( nitrogen cutting ), maximum sheet size 3000X1500mm


It is performed on a digitally controlled hydraulic guillotine, as the technically permissible limits are 4 mm thickness for INOX - va / stainless steel / and 6 mm for black sheet metal; the maximum cutting length is 3 meters, the accuracy of the details is within +/- 0.3 mm. Parts with a complex configuration are cut on a laser machine


It is performed on digitally controlled hydraulic press brakes exercising up to 175 tons of pressure, as a wide range of bending tools are available - prisms and tool knives with different radii for performing complex bends and making combined with large and small radius details, which expands the scope of taking orders and ensures full satisfaction of customer requirements.

Rolling, rounding

We make cylindrical and conical details.

Installation of fasteners

Finishing processing



TIG method for welding in a shielded gas environment. MIG welding with the possibility of welding stainless steel and aluminum. Apparatus for spot resistance welding.

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