We are specialized in the production of precisely build details with complex configuration, bended and welded constructions for machinery industry made from stainless and black steel. Some of our production processes include:

  • Laser cutting: We are using laser cutting machines "TRUMPH", able to cut up to 20mm INOX, 25mm black steel, 20mm aluminum, 8.0 mm copper, 8.0mm brass. Maximum dimensions of cutting sheet 3000X1500mm
  • Designing on software products such as: AutoCAD, SolidWorks 3D, CAD Design Software;
  • Cutting: We use digital hydraulic guillotine, cutting up to 4mm thickness INOX and 6mm black steel. The maximum length of cutting is up to 3 meters and the maximum deviation is +/- 0.3 mm. For more sophisticated details we use laser machines;
  • Bending: It is made on digital hydraulic bending presses, generating up to 175 tons of pressure, lenght of bend is up to 3 meters. We have on our disposal large variety of bending instruments e.g. – prisms and instrumental knifes with various radiuses in order to obtain the desired complex shapes, which is guarantee for full satisfaction the needs of our clients.

Welding: A key process in our company. Our welding machines are:

  • LINCOLN inverter machine for VIG welding;
  • Kempact Pulse 3000 a synergic MIG/MAG welding machine, features include pulse welding, double pulse welding, and ready-to-use welding programs which enable automatic optimization of welding settings for desired welding applications from INOX and black steel;
  • Welding machine for point electro-resistance welding - guarantee for quality results. Our welding specialist has many years of experience in the process, as well as international certificate, which is a guarantee customer’s satisfaction. We often execute demands for airtight welding that are supported by the BDS EN 13445-5 standard;
  • Mechanical and chemical finishing processing of the details for obtaining the desired end result, according to the technical requirements such as: roughness of the surfaces, requirements for perpendicularity, parallelism, flatness etc. Again to obtain such results we use large variety of professional tools and instruments.