“Techno-Yota 2001” Ltd. is specialized more than 10 years in the fabrication of high quality details, welded constructions and metal pieces made of stainless steel and black steel with various thicknesses. Due to our experience in the fabrication of custom made details, we can respond to the high demands of our clients, e.g. level of quality and deadlines. We are also able to provide transportation to the clients.

Our details can be found in some of the following production areas:

  • Chemical industry –specialized equipment for laboratories;
  • Electronic industry -  we have the know-how in manufacturing of vacuum welding machines for electronic pieces in inert environment;
  • Food processing industry;
  • Wine cellars and “osonators”devices which maintain the humidity in order to keep fruits and vegetables fresh in supermarkets;
  • Furniture and office equipment;
  • Art equipment;
  • Machinery industry;
  • Building sector railings, constructions for billboards, frames etc.